Improving retail business for tomorrow

Significant potentials in the 8 – 10% level were identified in optimised man loading processes. Standardised and optimised processes in all goods receive areas would reduce wages with 10 – 20% and improved sales efficiency and optimised customer flows could add up to a 10 % revenue increase.


Based on three previous successful implementation projects in partnerships with Mantec, the management team of Denmark’s largest company in its industry chose to engage Mantec to conduct a thorough analysis of an additional business area; the retail segment consisting of more than 90 kiosks.

The business area had been improved – including closure of shops, organizational changes and activities to increase sales. Nevertheless, management believed that there still was a large additional potential, but to realise these improvements it would be necessary to optimize both processes as well as the daily management of the shops.

To move the business forward Mantec undertook an analysis of the business and identified several areas where business could be improved.


The analysis was based on the following main areas:

  • Sales effectiveness – staffing in relation to customer flow
  • Mapping of management systems and the use of these
  • Flow of goods as well as production flows
  • Inventory levels, shrinkage and waste
  • Utilisation of additional sales opportunities and basket sizes


Mapping of the main processes in close cooperation with shop managers and employees in combination with operational field studies in the shops identified many interesting improvement possibilities;

  • Potentials in dynamic capacity planning driven by customer flows and volumes
  • Capacity planning in the shops lacked tool support – huge potentials in linking customer volumes with FTE planning in the shops
  • Potentials in optimising layout and flow of goods in the shops as well as the ordering frequency per week
  • Inventory levels constant over time with lack of management focus
  • Improved production planning will reduce waste in the shops
  • Implementation of improvement initiatives and sharing of best practice could be improved considerably

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